#3: Breaking out of your Comfort Zone


Practical Quick Tips for Staying Productive at Work

Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

By: Allan Vayman

In order to grow it is crucial that we put ourselves in situations we are not accustomed to.   This is especially true when we find ourselves stuck in the same position year-over-year.  They say you cannot do the same thing over and over and expect different results.  By sticking to what we are good at that can suggest we will only ever be good at what we’re currently doing.  The reality is that to some degree the nature of our work (and the world around us) will eventually be affected by the forces of change.  Resistance to change within ourselves can serve to hold us back as the world seemingly moves on.

Head up enough presentations and you will develop boldness in the middle of large groups.  Force yourself to work with numbers long enough and soon you will be dissecting accounting queries without having to call on Accounting.  Face the most difficult transactions head-on and soon you will be the subject matter expert.  Sometimes stepping out of our comfort zones can even mean demonstrating the talents we already possess but keep hidden.

In order to stay growing it helps to be aware of where our comfort zone lies and test its boundaries regularly.  If you find yourself in a role where the required skillset can be easily found and you are yearning to show you are capable for more, it can pay dividends to take on the types of tasks or functions that others are unwilling to.  This can demonstrate the reach of your abilities and tolerance for taking on more accountability.

Confronting and pushing past our comfort zone builds character, expands our skillset, and gives us a new awareness of all that we are truly capable of.


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