#4: Making Mountains out of Molehills


Practical Quick Tips for Staying Productive at Work

Making Mountains out of Molehills

By: Allan Vayman

We all have those days where we feel like were about to hit a roadblock.  Where a task that must be done sits on the horizon looming over us.  Where our feeding into its complexity and enormity distracts us from our day, eating away at our productivity.  Just to take our minds off of it we may call for an early break, heading to Tim’s to clear our thoughts for a minute and recharge on coffee.  Finally we get back to our office and decide to clamp down.  When we finally sit down and work through the task we’ve built up to be a mountain, what we thought would take 3 hours to get done with some focus we complete in 45 minutes.  As we put our finishing touches on the task we look back in accomplishment feeling like we’ve defied odds.  As if we’ve won back time, turning the hour hand back.

The reality is that most things we must get done in our work seem more overwhelming from a distance.  When we jump into a task and simply focus on it without lamenting on time that is when the connections needed to solve the problem come to us.  It is my observation that most times these connections come much quicker than anticipated.  Sometimes parts of the task we thought would need most consideration prove to have no bearing at all.  Other parts of the task we thought would be most simple take a little bit longer than expected.  Other times unexpected elements of the task might also come into play and ultimately be the binding needed to complete it.  However, it is learned that by committing ourselves to the task at hand and moment we are in that these daily challenges are simply not what they seem.

It is after stringing a few of these experiences together that we come to realize just how much can be accomplished in a day with focus and commitment.  We become open to take on new projects and volunteer for more accountability that we can learn from.  We eventually believe that we can learn on the job and work our way through almost anything thrown at us and appreciate the challenge presented at the same time.  We believe that we will make the connections needed to solve the problem and get the job done. Why? Because we’ve done it time and time again.

It is this practice towards the mastery of attitude to problem solving that turns productive days into productive weeks, productive weeks into productive months, and productive months into a standout year.


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