#2: Not letting Work Catch you Off-Guard


Practical Quick Tips for Staying Productive at Work

Not letting Work Catch you Off-Guard

By: Allan Vayman

On your drive to work envision how your day will unfold based on the prioritized tasks ahead of you.  Play some music that gets you motivated as you think these thoughts.  Envision the tactful interactions that must take place with management to move agendas forward.  Picture the emails in your inbox, how you will systematically reply to them one-by-one so that all stakeholders are aware of your status.  This kind of start to your day will help you hit the ground running, gaining you a reputation for being ‘on the ball’ with those whom you work.

If you find yourself storming into the office half the days of the week, late for meetings and ‘just missing’ deadlines, consider an alternative way to structure your morning.  Redesign your morning so that your morning works for you, sailing you into work as planned.

By now you’ve already witnessed the negative cascading effect running late can have on your schedule…  Now imagine strolling into the office at a leisurely pace, heart rate steady, feeling like you are in control of how your day will unfold.  What a difference this daily pattern can make not only to your outlook, but also your overall health and wellbeing.


#1: Thinking of Life as a Game


Practical Quick Tips for Staying Productive at Work


Thinking of Life as a Game 

By: Allan Vayman

Sometimes it helps to think of life, and thus life at work, as a game.  Consider it something that you are out to master.  A platform where you are trying to build up your skills and attributes to make it to the next stage.  Not something that you would approach with the reckless abandon of some videogame, knowing that you have an infinite amount of lives or failures to be made, but where every rejection or ‘no’ you encounter makes you come back stronger and more skilled.   In thinking of life as a game you are using the strengths intrinsic to your character to creatively find ways to reach a new top score, or in other words, a new level of achievement.  Shifting the way you think of life to that of a game you are committed to mastering can help you sustain a competitive and productive spirit at work.  It will also detach you from the weight with which the challenges in front of you can carry.

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