20 Things to Consider Before Calling it Quits

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By: Allan Vayman

Photo: Aaron M. Ritchey

When a great quote is read it blares out at us, instantly illuminating our conscience in an ‘ah ha’ moment from the universal truth it captures. What’s more interesting is when we stumble upon that quote once more after having lived a little, the deeper meaning it takes on, as if we are reading it again but for the very first time.

The following are some hard learned pieces of wisdom that have helped keep my head in the game over the last few years.  These thoughts put into words are nothing new or innovate, but my best attempt at expressing what I believe are universal truths that I have wrestled with through my life experience, to have also become my own truths.  So in the hopes of helping others with what has helped me to keep on, keeping on – and to quench a strange desire to share some creative writing with my professional contacts – here goes!:

 20 Things to Consider Before Calling it Quits

1.  The road is long.  Success is not dictated by your win today or your loss tomorrow.  It’s about consistently outdoing yourself over the long-haul, then looking back at the mountain you’ve climbed in appreciation.

2.  Don’t be intimated by the greatness of others.  Time and application will get you there so smile and embrace the challenge.

3.  Working through the valleys of life can give you a richer perspective than those who may not have shared your tribulations, and make for a deeper appreciation when climbing up the peaks.  Remember that wounds heal over to make us tougher.

4.  Aim to do at least one thing outstandingly a day that is beyond your current self.  Inevitably you will come to appreciate what this process will make of you.

5.  Momentum is your best friend.  Keep the ball rolling at any cost and watch how it grows.

6.  Do not look around to see if you are being cheered from the sidelines.  Support and praise are appreciated and encouraging, but the engine that drives you must be from a deeper place. Take hold of your reins.

7.  Only you can decide when you’ve done enough to work towards your goals and dreams today.  No other person holds the answer for you.  The world is infinite and never sleeps.

8.  If others have done it, the best thing you can do is use it as evidence that it is possible.

9.  Redefine your definition of progress to daily growth.  There is no shortcut through the lessons needed to develop the integrity and strength of character necessary to keep pushing forward.

10.  Take whatever perspective or advice that leaves you feeling stronger in this moment then the last.  You owe it to yourself.

11.  Don’t be afraid to admit that you are a novice to the world.  Let the world know that you are here to learn and it will provide you the tools to do so.

12.  Exercise all of your god given talents at once to overcome obstacles. Don’t shortchange yourself.

13.  Hone in on that voice of greatness within, even if all your hear is a whisper today. Use that voice as your beacon of light in times of darkness.  Excellence was always there.

14.  Be illogical about your odds, even when the numbers don’t add up. Anyone that made it big did exactly the same, so best to be your own odds maker in life.

15.  Engage in hobbies and interests that inspire you, so that this inspiration can bleed into all areas of your life.

16.  When it comes to positive energy be an opportunist. When a positive wave has come your way ride it out for as long and hard as you can, then lookout for the next one.

17.  Renew your vows to the act of commitment everyday.  There is always a deeper understanding to be had in your relationship to the attainment of your wants and needs.

18.  Put yourself around people that can share the same head space as you.  That way your milestones can be celebrated as important victories.

19.  Strive to be self-sufficient but do not be an island.  Have the courage to do it yourself, and the humility to reach out when you can’t.

20.  Be resourceful.  Do not hoard onto a few ideas thinking that they can change everything.   Rather be a person of many ideas with enough to share.  The thoughts and energy you put forward to the world are the currency that will allow you to navigate through life.

  Thanks for reading. More to come.


#1: Thinking of Life as a Game


Practical Quick Tips for Staying Productive at Work


Thinking of Life as a Game 

By: Allan Vayman

Sometimes it helps to think of life, and thus life at work, as a game.  Consider it something that you are out to master.  A platform where you are trying to build up your skills and attributes to make it to the next stage.  Not something that you would approach with the reckless abandon of some videogame, knowing that you have an infinite amount of lives or failures to be made, but where every rejection or ‘no’ you encounter makes you come back stronger and more skilled.   In thinking of life as a game you are using the strengths intrinsic to your character to creatively find ways to reach a new top score, or in other words, a new level of achievement.  Shifting the way you think of life to that of a game you are committed to mastering can help you sustain a competitive and productive spirit at work.  It will also detach you from the weight with which the challenges in front of you can carry.